Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Our Home Command Centre

Organised spaces in our home sometimes change due to our needs changing or the current one is not working.  I wanted to create a quick drop for mail or items to be followed up for each family member, a place to stick some fave photos, birthday invites and certificates.

The second shelf of the bookcase I use for my handbag and hubby's lunchbox and the bottom basket holds our paper shredder and laminator.

Home Command Centre

Paperwork drop zone and a magnetic board for photos etc

Quick drop for paperwork for each family member

Cork board for invites and school timetable
Magnetic board for anything else


Charging station and drop zones for keys, hubby's wallet and sunglasses

It's quite rare to see the charging station empty. I just love how we have been able to hide all the cords and its fits in with the colour scheme. If you missed this post you can see it here


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  2. Now that's what I call an organized home! Does this include the "no desserts punishment" for repeat offenders? Haha. Training your family to be organized helps later in life; who'd like to live in a messy home with papers lying around randomly? Certainly not me!
    Ruby Badcoe @

  3. Really impressive home, when I look at this home I just want to change the view of my home. Nice post and all the best.

  4. That's interesting! Really a good idea to keep things on place.

  5. Perfect compartments for all necessary stationary items. Looks cool.

  6. Fantastic command center. A best place to keep things remembered.

  7. Great way to organize things in home...very interesting one!!

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  16. This is a perfectly embodied idea for creating a very well-formed news corner of the house.

  17. I need such wall because I also forget what I have to do and suffer then. I am tired of it.


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