Sunday, 17 February 2013

New Playroom - Part 1

We decided to move our playroom, there were two reasons for this:

1.   To have Coby sleeping closer to everyone else
2.   The playroom will be much closer to our kitchen/living area

In the old playroom we had a cute little white table and chairs for the boys but it was really too small for 3 growing boys.

Old Playroom with small table

We needed somewhere where all the boys could sit down together to do artwork, puzzles, lego, drawing etc. We wanted a large work space but we didn't want to lose too much space, the new playroom is a bit smaller. So we came up with the idea of a desk that would fold up when not being used. We used a 820mm solid door which we painted white.

Fold down table for playroom

Table folded up in playroom

These latches hold the legs in place when the table is up

This latch holds the rest of the table up

The latch is up quite high so the kids can't get to it. My husband assures me that even if the kids sit on the table it will not come away from the wall. I guess he should know he is a builder lol.

Ottomans for playroom storage

These ottomans are great for extra seating and storage. When they have friends around they can all sit at the table, even hubby and I use them to sit on.

Next week I will show you the rest of the playroom.



  1. Love the table idea Jade, that is so clever!! Wish I was married to a builder :-)

  2. This room looks really lovely! Thanks a lot for sharing these photos! I like white color.


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