Sunday, 3 February 2013

Mini Mudroom in a Cupboard

I picked up some white tubs from Officeworks for $5 each, they were such a bargain. I bought a couple well more like 12 of them, I just love love containers and baskets. When I brought them home my hubby just sighed and said "not more container"s. At this stage I didn't quite know what I was going to use them for but I knew I would find a use for them.

So fast forward a couple of weeks I had bought Brodie his school bag, I then realised that there was no way that it was going to fit in where the kids backpacks go currently. The below photo is from a post I did in February last year, you can see the post here. The basket on the far right was fine for 3 little backpacks but it wasn't going to big enough for a school bag and 2 backpacks.

Storage for kids shoes, hats and backpacks

I have always wanted to create somewhere for the kids to dump their backpacks, swimming bag and also have a home for items to be donated and items to be returned that was not visible.

One of the cupboards next to our front door was being used for the swimming bag, vacuum cleaner and just stuff and alot of the shelves were empty. I couldn't wait to put one of the tubs in there to see whether they would fit and lucky for me I could fit 2 side by side. I must admit I was quite happy with myself, I then worked out what I wanted to put in each tub. I designed some labels to put on the front of the tubs.

Tub Label

I couldn't take a photo of the whole cupboard I can't fit it all sorry but it's in 2 photos. Hint to hubby if you are reading this post I need a DSLR with a wide lens ;).

Mini Mudroom in a cupboard - Bottom 3 shelves
Mini Mudroom in a cupboard - Top 3 shelves

So here is a closer look at all the shelves and what the tubs hold. 

Spare containers - You know I love containers and I always have some spare and this is where the smaller ones are kept.
Office Supplies - Spare office supplies e.g. paper, toner

Stackable Drawers

Archive - Any paperwork that I want to archive, when the drawer is full I will transfer to a archive box.
Stuff - Odds and ends that don't really have anywhere to go
Batteries - You guessed it batteries
Return - Any items that need to be returned to a shop, friends or family

I am sure I will come up with ideas to fill the other 2 drawers.

Donate - I put anything in here to donate when it is full I can take the tub and put it in the car and take to our local Op shop.
Bags - reusable shopping bags.

Swim - We have board shorts and towels that are only used for swimming lessons and these stay in this tub. As soon as these are washed and dried they are put straight back in this tub. This saves the hassle of running around trying to find everything on swimming days.
Brodie - School bag and backpack

Joel - backpack, kinder hat and raincoat for kinder
Coby - backpack

Coby - sunglasses & hats
Joel - sunglasses & hats
Brodie - school shoes & hats

I tried again to get it all in one photo but this is as close as I could get it so just try and imagine another 4 tubs on top of this photo :).

Mini Mudroom in a Cupboard

I have used the remaining white tubs in another space I have organised.  I will be sharing that with you soon.



  1. Oh the tubs do look amazing Jade! So glad that they worked out so brilliantly in the end xx

    PS: I cannot believe that we both have little Brodie's xx

  2. I like the way making room more organized by having this kind of organizer.


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