Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Treats - Santa Hats & Tiny Teddy on a Sleigh

Brodie has his last day at kinder this week and I wanted to make some cute christmas food for the kinder party. I wanted something that wasn't too complicated.

So I decided to make Santa Hats and Teddy Bears riding sleighs. I made a small batch to see how they turned out. I used mini mars bars but for the kinder party I will use milky ways.


Santa Hats


White Chocolate Bits
Desiccated Coconut


Using a knife, cut the leafy end of the strawberry off to create a flat and even bottom.
Melt chocolate using microwave or double boiler method. If you find the chocolate is still a bit thick put a tiny dash of oil and mix. (this will make the chocolate more runny)
Dip the flat end of the strawberry into the white chocolate (approx 0.5cm). Let any excess chocolate drip off into the bowl.
Carefully roll the choc dipped strawberry into the coconut to create the fluffy trim of Santa's hat, then dip the other end of the strawberry in the chocolate to create a pom pom effect.
Place onto a tray lined with baking paper and store in fridge.

Tiny Teddies riding a sleigh


Mini Milky Way Bars
Mini Candy Canes
Tiny Teddies Biscuits
Milk Chocolate Bits


Melt chocolate using microwave or double boiler method.
Gently press a Tiny Teddy into the Milky Way Bar. I find holding the sides of the bar, prevents the bar from squeezing out.
Using a knife, place chocolate evenly on the base of the Milky Way Bar and then press candy canes lightly onto the melted chocolate, so that they stick to the bottom.
Place onto a lined baking tray and put in fridge.


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