Monday, 19 November 2012

Tips on reducing your grocery bill

It was great to read all of your comments on Facebook on how you reduce your grocery bill.

I thought it would be a great idea to put the tips altogether in one place and share with you all.

And here are all the fantastic tips.

Always shop in your own pantry and freezer first

I plan my menu based on what is on special at the supermarkets

I bake once a week and try to make most things for the kids lunch boxes as healthy and frugal as possible

Only eat fruit and veg when they are in season.

Stock pile items that will keep and that I know I will use, buy them when they are on special which ultimately saves money.

Shop at Aldi

Make everything fom scratch

Buy meat in bulk when on sale and meal plan from your freezer

When I sat down to do the meal plan for last week I implemented one of the above ideas

Always shop in your own pantry and freezer first

If you would like to download my menu planner you can do that here.

If you have any other tips please I would love you to share them below in the comments. I will keep updating the tips from the comments so all the tips are in the one section.

The printables are for personal use only
You can share these, but please link to this post and not to the direct download file.

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  1. Looking at your shopping list, most of whats on the Safeway side is available at Aldi and will be a lot cheaper there, if you switch more to Aldi you will see more savings and more money in your pocket.

    1. Thanks Sharon I am trying to buy more from Aldi :)

  2. I agree with sharon's comment about switching to Aldi for savings.

    Also if you buy your fruit and veg from a local fruit and veg shop you'll find the quality is much better and the price is great. We shopped at a few different ones till we found a couple we were happy with. We even found one that delivers for free to the local area so I only need to phone them with what I need and have it delievered. The quality is always good that way as well.

    It's also good to support these business since the big stores are deliberately trying to drive them out of business. You may sometimes get things cheaper from them but you can bet if they erradicate their competition that will not be the case and at that stage it will be too late.

    1. Thanks for the tip....there are not too many stand alone fruit and veg near us. I will ask some friends about it as well.

  3. I'm not sure how it is in other countries, but here in India, frozen stuff in our shopping carts takes our bill several levels higher!! So, go fresh over frozen and try growing your own vegetables and herbs if possible!!!

    1. When you buy that is in a carboard box it is expensive. We try and make most things from scratch. No room here for a fruit and veg garden :)


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