Monday, 6 August 2012

Car Organisation

Today I want to share with you how I organise our car. After seeing a blog post about car organisation and kit from Kaz at Living on a latte. I thought some areas of our car could be organised better. Thanks for the inspiration and the ideas Kaz.

So here is the storage I have been using in the back of the car. It's a collapsible boot organiser.

It holds

Picnic blanket
Towel (great for when you go to the park and the swings or slides are wet)
Cloth nappy for spills etc
Nappy Satchel - spare nappies and wipes
Reusable shopping bags
Balls - These are our park balls the kids love kicking them around
Pram accessories e.g. saddle bags, drinks holder

Here it is in the back of the car

Our glove box had no real organisation. I loved how Kaz had the little tupperware containers. I had a unused little huggies wipe box that I thought would be perfect. Sometimes I don't have my handbag with me and it those times I wish I did. For example lip balm.

Here is the unused wipes container

Emergency supplies in wipes container

Pens - you can never have enough pens
Lip Balm
Feminine Products
Hand Sanitiser
Moisturiser - For those times you forget to moisturise your legs always look dry if I don't.

Here is what I keep in our centre console

Notebook - So now I can write something down without having to scrounge around for a bit of paper
Wipes - Kids always need their hands and wipes after eating
My emergency kit

Here is the glove box

In here I keep rubbish bags. We don't have a bin as such we actually use the side compartments of our doors only for the dry rubbish the other rubbish we put in the bin when we get home. If only I could find a container to fit in those side compartments. I also keep car documents, body spray and more hand sanitiser (I think I have a problem with that stuff).

On the back of the front car seats we have organisers for the kids. I don't keep anything in them all the time. They are really used for their water bottles and if they bring toys in the car.

Seat Organisers for the kids

How do you organise your car?

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  1. Looks great Jade! Must put some lip balm in my car now. I hate being without it. Thanks :)

  2. Me too....Thanks again for your ideas and motivation to get the car organised.

  3. Toilet paper is a thing kept in our car. You never know when an emergency strikes. I got this off my parents who always kept a roll in the glove compartment. Has come in handy many a times especially on long trips and even helps for spills.

  4. Thanks Sal...I will add the toilet paper in tomorrow.

  5. Looks really nice! I need to get one of those organizers for the back of my car. I have reusbale bags that seem to fly all over the back even though they are in something that is supposed to keep them organized. Your organizer looks really neat. I like what all you are able to fit in it, also.

  6. Thanks K Coake. I can fit loads of stuff in there and I like how it has dividers so you can separate items. If you are in Australia I got the organiser from Officeworks.

  7. For a trash bag, I use a plastic grocery bag with one handle around each of the front seat armrests. It hangs down nicely between the seats, just behind the center console and is convenient while staying out of the way. I stuff a couple of extra bags in the pocket on the back of the passenger seat, so when the bag gets too full, I can toss it and put a new one up.

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