Monday, 2 July 2012

Take Away Menus - with category tabs

I am sure alot of my readers have their take away menus in a A4 display book. We have used a display book for years. I was at Officeworks recently and I came across a green display book. If you have been following my blog you know I have a thing for just about anything green for my living and kitchen area.I was finding it really annoying flicking through 10 pages just to find the menu that I wanted. I wanted to take the take away menu folder one step further. I took out all the menus and organised them into categories. My categories are:

Fish and Chips

I used some self adhesive tabs and labelled them with my trusty Dymo labeller. Here is the finished product.

My Take Away Menu Folder

Tabs on take away menu folder

Even hubby commented the other night how easy it was to find a menu.

Any other ideas on how to store the take away menus?


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