Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Making Our Mornings Easier Tip No #1 - Kids Pj's

Getting ready in the mornings can be a real struggle sometimes. My boys are aged 5, 3 & 2 and I have recently implemented some things that they can do for me in the mornings to make it easier for me. I've started another little series (yep I know another series).

Tip No 1  - Kids Pj's

My boys get dressed in our lounge room in the mornings. I use to fold their pj's and put them on the ottoman or the arm of the couch but 5 minutes later my youngest would fling them off. Or the kids would start throwing them around and they would be all over the living area....very frustrating. I have a basket (yes another basket) that sits between the couch and our entertainment unit. After the kids have taken their pj's off they put them in the basket and they stay in the basket until after bath that night. We always know where the pj's are because they have a home. The kids have not played with the pj's since doing this. With the amount of washing our kids produce we also only wash pj's after 2 nights. I did the calculations if they wore a pair of new pj's every night that is 21 pairs of pj's a week to wash and that's just pj's.

PJ Basket

PJ's in basket


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