Monday, 25 June 2012

Menu Planning/Shopping List

I have recently started menu planning in our house. Grocery shopping is expensive enough especially when your kids are fussy eaters and some of their dinners were going in the bin. The expired food all the waste check out this post kitchen-cupboards-drawers-part-3  to see how much expired food I threw out when I went through our pantry. Our kids are fussy eaters so I sat down with our eldest son and asked him what dinners does Mum make that you like? So from this I compiled a list of dinners that could be made that the kids should eat. I could make the kids dinner then make something else for us but that is too time consuming and would cost us even more money. I have started to put in a wild card dinner every couple of weeks. The kids surprised me last week when they loved the butter chicken with roti bread. We told them it was just a different kind of chicken pasta.

I designed my own menu planner you can download it here.

I find it really useful to have the grocery list down the bottom
as I can look at each meal and work out what I have to buy for that meal.

These printables are for personal use only
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I also wanted somewhere to put our shopping list and menu plan. I came across some green square dry erase boards. I thought these will be perfect to put on the inside of our pantry doors. I like that they will be hidden away from view. I used my Dymo labeller to label the dry erase boards.

What's for dinner

Shopping List

I have been sitting down on a Saturday or Sunday and deciding what the menu will be for that week. From the menu I then write down what items are needed to cook these meals. I will also add anything from the shopping list inside the pantry to the grocery list. The printable menu planner then becomes my shopping list at the supermarket. I write the menu up on the "What's for dinner" board. I check the menu before I go to bed each night so I can put meat in the fridge if required so it will be defrosted by the next afternoon.

I am already noticing a reduction in our food shopping costs. Before menu planning my shopping trolley would be overflowing but now it's nowhere near it.

Have you got anymore tips for menu planning or any meal ideas for fussy kids???



  1. great idea! I tried menu planning but failed. Actually it works, but I never followed through and I had to re-do many times. Pretty much I have a limited menu list because my husband is so picky. Does not like pastas,rice or salads.

  2. I've noticed the same thing since starting to menu-plan. Not as much spent each fortnight and nowhere near as much wastage.
    We have also stretched it to making our own snacks - no more bought LCM bars and the like. I make a big container of Anzac slice and rice bubble bars every weekend. My kids had a propensity to go through a packet of LCMs in an afternoon if left to their own devices. I can get 4 packs worth for less than the cost of 1.
    I do not stick to the order religiously and always have a "pot luck" night a week. That's where the kids get to have nuggets or party pies or the like when I am too stuffed to cook. Tonight is home made pizza and everyone is looking forward to it. It will be great as I'm baking all day.
    The other thing I have noticed is we hardly ever have takeaway, because we know what we are having for dinner. Sometimes fish and chips for Sunday lunch. My kids even commented when I treated them to Macca's last week while Hubby was away, that it was the first time all term that they had eaten it!

  3. Rosario...gee that makes it hard when you have a picky eater...

  4. Thanks Kaz - great idea on making the kids snacks....have you got the recipes on your blog? I would love to try them out. We have take away once a week which is normally pizza. We can normally get dinner and lunch from having pizza. My "pot luck" night is Sundays I call it easy sunday this can be toasted sandwiches, spaghetti on toast on even better when my hubby cooks on a Sunday.

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