Monday, 18 June 2012

Brodie's 5th Birthday Party - Transformers Theme

We had Brodie's 5th Birthday party on Saturday afternoon. Brodie had a Transformers themed party. Kids love lollies (and adults for that matter) so why not have a lolly table. I wanted to have a lolly table in the colours of red, blue and yellow which are the colours of Brodie's favourite Transformers.

I made some labels up for the juice bottles

Personalised Juice bottles with Transformers logo and font

Party Bag

Transformer Pinata

Transformers colour themed lolly table

Personalised Juice Bottles

Red, Blue & Yellow Jelly Cups

Cake Pops

Lollies left to right - Blue strings, raspberries, bananas, red and blue straps,
yellow M & M's, yellow jelly beans and yellow M & M's

Blue & Red straps, red frogs &
yellow M & M's
Lollies - Blue strings, raspberries &
yellow M & M's

Fairy Bread...I did have another 2 platters
to the right which had red and blue
sprinkles fairy bread

Lolly Table

Chocolate sponge cake with personalised edible Transformers image

Brodie blowing out his candles with his youngest brother next to him

Brodie's favourite game of the party was hitting the Transformer pinata and he also loved all the lollies.

I want to thank Sal for running all the kids party games the kids had a ball. I think you have found your new calling. I also wanted to thank my mum who helped me and stayed up with me until 2.30am making cake pops, jelly cups etc.



  1. I love how you coordinated all your colours! Hope he enjoyed his party.(I found you via clean and scentsible, by the way).

  2. Your party looks great! I love the colors! With two boys of my own, a transformer party might very well be in our future! Thanks so much for coming out to the party at Clean and Scentsible. Have a great weekend!
    Jenn :)

  3. Thanks Angela.....He had a ball at his party.

  4. Thanks for hosting Jenn....Yep I'm sure it will be along with Thomas the tank, spiderman, batman it just goes on and on....


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