Monday, 25 June 2012

Menu Planning/Shopping List

I have recently started menu planning in our house. Grocery shopping is expensive enough especially when your kids are fussy eaters and some of their dinners were going in the bin. The expired food all the waste check out this post kitchen-cupboards-drawers-part-3  to see how much expired food I threw out when I went through our pantry. Our kids are fussy eaters so I sat down with our eldest son and asked him what dinners does Mum make that you like? So from this I compiled a list of dinners that could be made that the kids should eat. I could make the kids dinner then make something else for us but that is too time consuming and would cost us even more money. I have started to put in a wild card dinner every couple of weeks. The kids surprised me last week when they loved the butter chicken with roti bread. We told them it was just a different kind of chicken pasta.

I designed my own menu planner you can download it here.

I find it really useful to have the grocery list down the bottom
as I can look at each meal and work out what I have to buy for that meal.

These printables are for personal use only
You can share these, but please link to this post and not to the direct download file.

Please do not alter these and share them as your own. These are © 2012 - organising to make life easier

I also wanted somewhere to put our shopping list and menu plan. I came across some green square dry erase boards. I thought these will be perfect to put on the inside of our pantry doors. I like that they will be hidden away from view. I used my Dymo labeller to label the dry erase boards.

What's for dinner

Shopping List

I have been sitting down on a Saturday or Sunday and deciding what the menu will be for that week. From the menu I then write down what items are needed to cook these meals. I will also add anything from the shopping list inside the pantry to the grocery list. The printable menu planner then becomes my shopping list at the supermarket. I write the menu up on the "What's for dinner" board. I check the menu before I go to bed each night so I can put meat in the fridge if required so it will be defrosted by the next afternoon.

I am already noticing a reduction in our food shopping costs. Before menu planning my shopping trolley would be overflowing but now it's nowhere near it.

Have you got anymore tips for menu planning or any meal ideas for fussy kids???


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Keeping It Real #2 Kitchen

I started a little series on "keeping it real". You can see my last keeping it real post "playroom" here.

I think there is so much pressure out there from magazines, blogs, pinterest, TV Shows etc that your home must always look like a display home...sure I wish ours could be but in reality it's not going to happen and that is something I have had to learn. I am organised and the house is organised and everything has a home but that doesn't mean that everything is always put away in it's home.

One thing that has really hit home recently is our oldest son starts school next year and I only have the rest of this year to enjoy all 3 boys being home during the week. I know some days they can all be terrors, push all my buttons and drive me crazy, but they are growing up and they are not going to be this age forever. I want my kids to remember that Mum was there to help them build lego, play trains, read books, do craft, take them to the park. I don't want them to remember that Mum was too busy cleaning and putting stuff away to play with them. So if the dirty dishes haven't been put in the dishwasher or there is used breakfast bowls still on the bench from the morning, toys on the bench does it really matter? Spending quality time with your kids does.

I can't stress enough being organised doesn't mean that your house looks like a display home all the time. I don't want any of my readers to think that our house is "Perfect" and always looks like a display home.

I wanted to share with you what our kitchen looks like on most days.

I would love to hear your comments on the pressure you feel to keep your house perfect....


Monday, 18 June 2012

Brodie's 5th Birthday Party - Transformers Theme

We had Brodie's 5th Birthday party on Saturday afternoon. Brodie had a Transformers themed party. Kids love lollies (and adults for that matter) so why not have a lolly table. I wanted to have a lolly table in the colours of red, blue and yellow which are the colours of Brodie's favourite Transformers.

I made some labels up for the juice bottles

Personalised Juice bottles with Transformers logo and font

Party Bag

Transformer Pinata

Transformers colour themed lolly table

Personalised Juice Bottles

Red, Blue & Yellow Jelly Cups

Cake Pops

Lollies left to right - Blue strings, raspberries, bananas, red and blue straps,
yellow M & M's, yellow jelly beans and yellow M & M's

Blue & Red straps, red frogs &
yellow M & M's
Lollies - Blue strings, raspberries &
yellow M & M's

Fairy Bread...I did have another 2 platters
to the right which had red and blue
sprinkles fairy bread

Lolly Table

Chocolate sponge cake with personalised edible Transformers image

Brodie blowing out his candles with his youngest brother next to him

Brodie's favourite game of the party was hitting the Transformer pinata and he also loved all the lollies.

I want to thank Sal for running all the kids party games the kids had a ball. I think you have found your new calling. I also wanted to thank my mum who helped me and stayed up with me until 2.30am making cake pops, jelly cups etc.


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Home Management Folder Printables

Last week I showed you our Home Management Folder. Now I want to show you the printables that I made using Microsoft Word for our Home Management Folder. I really need some spare time to learn Photoshop. I must apologise about the photo quality of the documents. I just can't seem to take great photos of documents. There is a link under each photo where you can download them in a Microsoft Word document if you wish.

 You can download the to do list here

You can download the blog ideas here

You can download the menu planner here

I have recently started menu planning I will be sharing this in the next couple of weeks.


Monday, 4 June 2012

Home Management Folder

I am forward planning already for next year. The paperwork in our house can get out of control it gets piled up on the bench, piled up on the dining table. I get enough paperwork with one child at kinder. Our eldest son will start school next year and our middle son will start 3 year old kinder. So I know the amount of paperwork coming into our home is going to be ridiculous plus all the other paperwork that seems to end up in all different spots of the house. Something had to be done then I thought I have seen lots of fellow bloggers post about Home Management Folders. I could make a Home Management folder to solve my paperwork mess. After searching on Google it seems alot of people use a folder or a some sort of container that holds manilla folders. I wanted to go with the container idea but me being so fussy I couldn't find anything that I liked. So I decided to go with a folder. This way I could design my own front cover. I wanted to incorporate the colours green and brown as these are my living/kitchen colour scheme. I still haven't quite got the hang of Photoshop yet so I did the front cover in Microsoft Word.

Here is the front cover that I designed. You can download it here. Please let me know if the links dont work or the quality isn't great. I can email if somebody does want it.

You can download the spine label here

My Home Management folder

I bought all of my supplies from Officeworks

4d ring binder
Heavy duty page protectors
Extra wide file tabs
Plastic Business card holder

I used my Dymo labeller to label my file tabs. I also got this fantastic idea for storing the business cards from iheartorganizing. You can buy page protectors that are designed just to hold business cards genius idea Jen. Then I decided what I wanted to keep in my folder.

My label dividers are:
  • Action - Forms to be filled out, anything that needs to be followed up
  • Bills - to be paid
  • Kinder - newsletters
  • School - Newsletters etc
  • Blog Ideas - Printable where I can write blog ideas that I have
  • Medical - Referrals, repeat prescriptions
  • Meal Plan - Planner and shopping list....I am just starting meal planning
  • Business Cards - Somewhere for all those loose business cards to live
  • Maybe Someday - Recipes to try, magazine articles to read
  • Budget - Our household budget

File tab labels....sorry it's not the best photo its hard trying to take
photos of documents etc any tips??

I created some printables after creating the front page. The printables that I created are:

  • Menu Planner & Shopping List
  • To do list
  • Blog Ideas
  • Blog link parties list

I will posting links to these printables over the next few weeks.

Do you have a home management folder or container that you would like to share??

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