Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Nappy Caddy

I wanted to share with you today our nappy caddy in our living room.  It makes life easier to have all the nappy change items close at hand. If you have been following my blog you know that I love to use baskets and containers...I just love how it makes it look so much neater. I also had a very similar nappy caddy in our bedroom when my boys were babies. It was so handy for those nappy changes in the middle of the night, the only extra thing that I did add was a cloth nappy all my boys would vomit after a feed.

So here is the basket that I use it has a lid and has a divider in the middle and it sits on top of the subwoofer in our living room.

And here is inside the basket

I recently did a post of how I organise the extra nappies, wipes etc click here to see it. I just top up the nappy caddy from the kids cupboard when I need to.

Do you have a nappy caddy??


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  1. Hi Jade! Just found your blog via The Organised Housewife linky. Yes! I had a nappy caddy for the first 6 months or so of my daughter's life! One in the lounge and one extra in our bedroom for late night changes so you always had things on hand! With #2 due in 6 weeks looks like I'll be putting one together again soon! I also kept items for breastfeeding in the one in my lounge room! :) Am following your blog and look forward to more tips! Come and say hi at Just For Daisy! :)

  2. Hi there!! I found you through the linky!! I had a fw nappy caddy's around the home when we had our twins,as I couldn't really leave the other one ( with a 2 year old around ) to go and change a nappy!! They are a great idea, and save so much time and stress!!
    Love your basket and love your blog!!
    Will be reading in the future!

  3. Thanks Rebekah - They are a life saver during the night. Good luck with #2

  4. Thanks twins and a 2 year old you must be a very busy mum...I just love baskets...I am sure when the nappy changing days are over I will find another use for the basket.

  5. Hi Jade, the basket looks so great and it is very organize. I love the fact you did on your baby products, at least you can find them quickly if you need time. I hope I can be like you. Great deeds of you my friend.

  6. Thanks Devon. I am all about trying to make it easier.

  7. I love these diapers. When I first started using diapers I bought a pack of honest one. The fuzzi bunz are a lot more money so I wanted to try honest. I quickly found out why honest is good. No leaks.


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