Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My Little Home Command Centre

I hate having invites, notices hanging on the fridge call me a freak...but it really erks me. I don't mind having some photos on the fridge but I really like it clutter free. Our oldest son is starting school next year and our middle son will be starting kinder next year as well. I really needed somewhere else to put all the invites, notices etc . I decided that I could make my own little home command centre. When I first started blogging I posted about Organising our entry. You will see from this post that I created my own little dumping ground for keys, bags, sunglasses etc. So I looked at this dumping area and decided I could use the vertical space for my command centre.

I found a nice corkboard with a nice dark brown border and also a green magnetic dry erase board. Green and brown are the colours in our kitchen/living area. I already use of these dry erase magnetic boards in the kitchen I will posting soon on how I use these boards in the kitchen.

So I pin all the invites, kinder notices, vouchers to be used on the corkboard. I use the dry erase magnetic board for little reminders like remember Brodies dentist form for Kinder. I stick my wire magnetic basket on magnetic board to hold my pens. I many pens do I need?? know I'm a little anal so everyone has their own colour on the calender.

Do you have a home command centre? If you do comment below and leave your link so you can share it with others.


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  1. Don't worrry about seeming anal, I am exactly the same. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to really flex my organisation muscles like I used to, but I keep all of these ideas filed away for when I have my own place again and the space to do things like this. Good work!
    Chrissie xx

  2. I have a bookshelf for stuff like keys, change and mail. My entryway is so narrow I cannot fit a table or really a shelf. I have been thinking about converting the entryway closet to be more versatile. Great job on your command center!

  3. Thanks Chrissie...You must have a folder full of ideas....I hope you get to flex them soon...

  4. Thanks Bec....great idea on coverting the entryway closet love to see what you come up with...

  5. Hi! I was just wondering where you got your calender? I have 6 children and always have trouble finding one big enough! I also love that yours is very neutral. We are moving house next month and Id like to re-do my command centre for my new home.
    P.S It is NOT Anal! I cant stand anything on my fridge either!!

  6. Hi 6 you must be one very busy mum. The calenders are from here


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