Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Linen Cupboard

Today I wanted to show you my linen cupboard. I recently went through all the towels and bed linen and purged alot of stuff......I have a thing for linen lol. My husband made a rule that if I buy a new quilt cover or a set of towels its one in one out. I'm happy with that rule and if I keep to it I should never have to make more room for linen.

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1st Shelf - our towels

2nd Shelf - bathmats, hand towels and
face washers

3rd shelf - guest linen

Top shelf - beach towels

2nd shelf - our quilt covers

3rd shelf - our quilt covers and guest bed linen

4th shelf - flat sheets and flannelette quilt cover

Bottom shelf - spare pillow and the best vacuum storage bag out there

The vacuum storage box actually has the bag attached to it and once you have compressed the items you put the lid on then do up the straps. All the previous storage bags I have used would all end up opening and you could never store items on top as they were never flat. This allows you to store items on the top and even if the bag does open it doesn't matter as the clips keep it contained. I bought the storage compactor bag from here. If you want to see how much stuff you can fit in here see this post
After seeing the way Martha Stewart puts all her sheets in a pillowcase I thought I would try it. Mine don't look anywhere as neat as hers! I love how now I just picked the quilt cover I want and everything I need is there it saves so much time.

Beach Towels

Our Quilt Covers

Our Quilt Covers & Guest Linen

Flat Sheets & Flannelette Quilt Cover

Spare Pillow & Space Compactor Bag


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  1. Great job, I just did the same thing this past weekend. Our linen closet really needed to be organized. Stopping by from the bowl full of lemons link party

  2. Looks great! Thank you for sharing at the Weekend Warrior. :)



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