Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Kids Craft Storage

I decided that the kids craft storage could do with some decluttering and reorganising. My older 2 boys are loving craft and I was opening up lots of tubs before I would find what I was looking for. This trofast unit is in the playroom wardrobe. I used to use these trofast units as toy storage in the playroom but I found that it didn't have enough storage. If you haven't seen my post on playroom organisation click here

I love labelled containers!

I store A4 coloured paper in a A4 display folders

I have divided up the tub with some smaller
containers. I wanted to separate the textas
from the crayons. I know it won't last like that
once the boys get in to it

Textas & Crayons

Again some smaller containers to separate the items
to make them easier to find

Scissors, glue & glitter

I had grand plans to scrapbook about 5 years ago
as you can see I obviously didn't do it hence why
the kids have inherited all my scrapbook paper. I have
1 scrapbook for each of the boys I find it saves paper
going everywhere and also it can become a keepsake

Scrapbook paper, Scrapbooks &

I used to have the playdoh and tools in
separate tubs but I condensed them
to one tub to gain more storage

Playdoh & Playdoh Tools

Craft e.g. googly eyes, cut up paper
for pasting and the life saving messy
mat to put on our table or bench
when the kids are doing craft

Craft & Messy Mat

Another little container to separate
the brushes from the paint

Paints & Paint Brushes

I also keep the crayola paper and color wonder textas
 in here. I just found it was easier to keep these separate
from the normal textas

Sticker books & Stickers

This craft container just sits on top of the trofast as
it was just too big to fit in a tub. I also store the A3 paper
underneath this craft container.

This is how I display the kids artwork

How do you organise your kids craft?


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  1. I have a pie safe that I use for craft storage. You can see it here http://timetoorganize-rebecca.blogspot.com/2012/03/pie-safe-to-art-cabinet.html

    I have already added some smaller containers for more storage. It is really nice to have it all in one place and not throughout the house!

  2. Thanks Bec....I was like pie safe what is that I have never heard of it...I will have a look now...

  3. Great organization! Thank you for sharing this at the Weekend Warrior. :)


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