Monday, 16 April 2012

My Office/Study Part 2

So last week I showed you how I file all my bills, manual, receipts and important documents in a cupboard (see Part 1)

This week I am going to show how I store my stationery and our laptop nook in our living room.

These stationery drawers below hold stationery, paper, note pads, filing tray. The vertical file holder on the right hand side holds photo paper, sheet protectors, labels, extra clear display folders.

This shelf is just underneath my filing shelf. You have to love technology these days. The printer is wireless so I can print from anywhere in the house and we also have wireless internet.

This drawer is just underneath where the printer is. This is where I store the rest of our stationery.

Here is a photo of the stationery/office cupboard.

1st drawer - Stationery drawer
2nd drawer - Cords, cameras, chargers (see this post on how I organise cords etc)
3rd drawer - the dreaded junk drawer (this needs attention)

There is a big shelf above the filing folders that needs come reorganising. It has old photos in one huge box, lots of photo album's and computer related cd's.

Laptop Nook

We use a laptop at home and we needed a permanent spot for it. One of our couches is right next to a bookcase. It's really a perfect little nook and you wouldn't really know it was there unless you sat at the end of the couch.

When I receive bills I don't like putting them on the fridge. I put them on my clipboard and also add a reminder in Microsoft Outlook when it is due and the amount payable. No need to remember when the bill is due because the reminder does that for me. Any other important paper work that needs action I also put into the clipboard.
Current magazines, Notepads and Clipboard which
 hold bills and other paper work to be actioned

Diary, Ipad, little stationery drawers hold stapler, calculator,
post it notes, paid stamp & pen holder and other misc stationery items
and laptop to the right

The office/study cupboard and laptop nook has been working really well for me. Do any of you have a office/study in a cupboard or nook?


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  1. Looks really organized! I've been meaning to get my mail organized for two years now. I used to have it perfect and then we moved. I haven't set up a new system yet and it's eating away at me, lol. I have a new linky party on Mondays called Making Space Mondays if you'd like to link this. It will be open all week long and you can link as many posts as you want. I'd really appreciate it.

  2. I wish I had a nice cupboard like this to hide all the office stuffs. I love that you have a place for everything, and everything is in its place. I've also recently made a little spot for my netbook, now it's no longer just on top of my desk taking up space! I always pre-pay a bill and have it pay when I want online. Really helps with not forgetting to pay my VISA, which is NEVER on the same day each month, but always at the end. And I only have 3 bills to pay... Oh the life of a simple student lol. Or do you need reminding to pay non online bills? Stopping by from Delightfully Inspiring linky party :)

  3. Hi Gen....Thanks for your comments...I do love how all the office stuff is hidden away out of sight. I do need reminding about paying bills I put a reminder in outlook so there is no escaping it. I get the reminder on my phone and on my laptop. I did a post a while back on how up set up my bills, savings and direct debits

  4. I put them on my clipboard and also add a reminder in Microsoft Outlook when it is due and the amount payable. N denver air conditioning repair


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