Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My Office/Study Part 1

We are very fortunate to live in a 4 bedroom house but we still don't have a study. My husband and I have one room, my two oldest boys share a room, the youngest is in a room by himself and we have a playroom. I would prefer to have a playroom over a study at the moment. I had to come up with a storage solution for the office/study. So when we renovated our house approximately 2 years ago we came up with the idea of putting a new cupboard that would hold office/stationery items and other storage. The cupboard has 4 doors, no handles, height is floor to ceiling. I didn't want handles on the doors we just have to push on the doors for them to open. The office/study only takes up half of one of these cupboards.

So here is how I file all my paid bills, bank statements, receipts, manuals, misc paperwork and important documents without a filing cabinet or filing drawer.

These are my bill folders. The label that I've hidden is our address. I file all the bills alphabetically and by supplier name.

These are my manual folders

I file the manuals by type not by brand for example here is the fridge and food processor which is filed under F. I found it too difficult to file under brand names so this was the easier solution.

I file receipts and bank statements in these folders

I file receipts alphabetically by the store name it just makes it much easier to find if I need to.
Two of my favourite stores and their receipts filed under H/I

This folder holds all our important documents

I love these file dividers as soon as you open the folder you know what's in there. I use bulldog clips to keep the passports from moving around. You might not see but in the passport photo I have labelled the passports on the front. I do this so I don't have to open up all the passports to find the one that I want it saves so much time. It worked great when we went overseas last year.

That's the end of Part 1.

Part 2 will include storing my stationery, printer and my laptop nook in the living room.


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  2. I noticed you have your receipts filed in a plastic do you stop the ink from fading?

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