Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Organising the Man Cave

My husbands man cave (aka the garage). He actually let me reorganise it. He often calls me a nerd when I come home with more baskets, containers or when I reorganise a space or better still when I label a container. So this shows me that he does actually appreciate my anal ways otherwise he wouldn't have asked me to do it. I measured all the drawers and went off to one of my fav cheapy shops and bought all the containers that I needed. The cost for this project was only $40.

So here is the before and afters.














In Progress


Does your husband/partners let you organise their man caves?


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Monday, 16 April 2012

My Office/Study Part 2

So last week I showed you how I file all my bills, manual, receipts and important documents in a cupboard (see Part 1)

This week I am going to show how I store my stationery and our laptop nook in our living room.

These stationery drawers below hold stationery, paper, note pads, filing tray. The vertical file holder on the right hand side holds photo paper, sheet protectors, labels, extra clear display folders.

This shelf is just underneath my filing shelf. You have to love technology these days. The printer is wireless so I can print from anywhere in the house and we also have wireless internet.

This drawer is just underneath where the printer is. This is where I store the rest of our stationery.

Here is a photo of the stationery/office cupboard.

1st drawer - Stationery drawer
2nd drawer - Cords, cameras, chargers (see this post on how I organise cords etc)
3rd drawer - the dreaded junk drawer (this needs attention)

There is a big shelf above the filing folders that needs come reorganising. It has old photos in one huge box, lots of photo album's and computer related cd's.

Laptop Nook

We use a laptop at home and we needed a permanent spot for it. One of our couches is right next to a bookcase. It's really a perfect little nook and you wouldn't really know it was there unless you sat at the end of the couch.

When I receive bills I don't like putting them on the fridge. I put them on my clipboard and also add a reminder in Microsoft Outlook when it is due and the amount payable. No need to remember when the bill is due because the reminder does that for me. Any other important paper work that needs action I also put into the clipboard.
Current magazines, Notepads and Clipboard which
 hold bills and other paper work to be actioned

Diary, Ipad, little stationery drawers hold stapler, calculator,
post it notes, paid stamp & pen holder and other misc stationery items
and laptop to the right

The office/study cupboard and laptop nook has been working really well for me. Do any of you have a office/study in a cupboard or nook?


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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My Office/Study Part 1

We are very fortunate to live in a 4 bedroom house but we still don't have a study. My husband and I have one room, my two oldest boys share a room, the youngest is in a room by himself and we have a playroom. I would prefer to have a playroom over a study at the moment. I had to come up with a storage solution for the office/study. So when we renovated our house approximately 2 years ago we came up with the idea of putting a new cupboard that would hold office/stationery items and other storage. The cupboard has 4 doors, no handles, height is floor to ceiling. I didn't want handles on the doors we just have to push on the doors for them to open. The office/study only takes up half of one of these cupboards.

So here is how I file all my paid bills, bank statements, receipts, manuals, misc paperwork and important documents without a filing cabinet or filing drawer.

These are my bill folders. The label that I've hidden is our address. I file all the bills alphabetically and by supplier name.

These are my manual folders

I file the manuals by type not by brand for example here is the fridge and food processor which is filed under F. I found it too difficult to file under brand names so this was the easier solution.

I file receipts and bank statements in these folders

I file receipts alphabetically by the store name it just makes it much easier to find if I need to.
Two of my favourite stores and their receipts filed under H/I

This folder holds all our important documents

I love these file dividers as soon as you open the folder you know what's in there. I use bulldog clips to keep the passports from moving around. You might not see but in the passport photo I have labelled the passports on the front. I do this so I don't have to open up all the passports to find the one that I want it saves so much time. It worked great when we went overseas last year.

That's the end of Part 1.

Part 2 will include storing my stationery, printer and my laptop nook in the living room.


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Sunday, 8 April 2012

My Facebook Page

I have started my own facebook page for my blog. I will be putting all my future posts on facebook as well as my blog. I have put a facebook button on my blog page so all you have to do is click on it then like my page. I have only just started this page so there is still a lot of housekeeping for me to do which I intend to work on this week.

Happy Easter....I hope you are enjoying your day.


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Kids Easter Craft

I must say I am not really crafty at all and often google to find kids craft ideas. So a little while ago well actually late February I know way too early for easter craft I found this easter egg template. I cut up lots of paper roughly so they could paste the paper all over the egg.

Happy Easter Everyone!! Enjoy your time with your families.


Monday, 2 April 2012

Helping Hand - My Sister In Laws Ensuite

I decided to mix things up a bit and ask my family and friends if they wanted help organising a space in their home. I was surprised by how many wanted me to help them. I have decided that I willstart doing some posts on organising other peoples spaces.

My sister in law wanted her ensuite vanity to be organised. The problem with her vanity was lack of storage space due to the water pipes underneath and too much stuff. I took measurements of the vanity and looked at how we could use some other areas of the ensuite for storage. I thought it would be great to try and find a set of drawers that would fit between the shower and vanity. This proved to be quite a challenge as the width was only 300mm. But I did manage to find a set of drawers from a cheap shop they don't quite match in with the decor but they do the job. I found a cheap storage idea for storing her make up as well.

I bought baskets from the cheap shop so I could organise the rest of her things. You don't have to spend lots of money on baskets. The baskets that I used ranged from 80c to $1.50 all from a cheap shop.

Here is the before photo of the ensuite vanity

We went through everything in the vanity and organised it into 3 piles keep, purge and relocate. We managed to purge one garbage bag full of stuff. I must say I don't know anyone who owns 8+ pairs of tweezers until now we just kept finding them. My goal for the ensuite vanity was to store all her like items together and make them more accessible. I also wanted to create a space for all her regularly used items eg hair brushes, dedorant etc. I find that this makes such a difference you are not wasting time trying to find anything everything is at your fingertips.

Here is the after photo of the ensuite vanity

What's on the top shelf in vanity

I found this container from the cheap shop it's actually for food but I thought
it would be great to hold hair clips, hair ties, bobby pins and tweezers.

Left basket holds heel balms, feet creams
Right basket holds creams, oils, sunscreen, fake tan

What's on the bottom shelf in vanity

This baskets holds nail related items

Make up Storage

The make up storage is from Officeworks and it for stationery but I had another idea for it. There are 4 pull out drawers 3 small and one large.You can can see it here I think it's a great make up storage solution and very reasonably priced. Now when she does her make up she can put it on the top of the vanity and everything is at her fingertips no searching through different make up bags to find anything.

Top drawer - Eye make up
2nd drawer - Lips
3rd drawer - Foundations, mineral make up
4th drawer - Spare make up brushes

Here are the drawers that I found to fit between the shower and vanity

It does not match the decor but my sister in law is planning on painting it. I also bought some cheap baskets that I put inside the drawers so items can be separated.

This drawer holds all the regularly used items eg hairbrush

This drawers holds all hair products eg hair spray

This drawer holds all the spare items eg toothpaste, toothbrushes soaps.

I also came up with a storage solution for the feminine products. I should really do this at home as well. This basket sits on top of the toilet.

My sister in law and friends want more spaces organised in their home so stay tuned.


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