Saturday, 17 March 2012

Toy Organisation - Playroom

The Organised Housewife

I did a post a little while ago on our playroom. I have been thrilled with the way the new storage has been working. I wanted to show you how I organise the kids toys. I have taken photos of inside the baskets and tubs so you can see.

Left Expedit

Top shelf - Mis-match of items that won't fit in the tubs

Left basket - Shopping
Right basket - Puzzles

Left basket - Puzzles & paper planes
Right basket - Wooden blocks

Left tub - Building tools
Right tub - Music

Left tub - toy vacuum and car play mat
Right tub - Balls

Left tub - Trains
Right tub - Train tracks

Left & Right tub - Trains destinations

Right Expedit

Top shelf - Trucks


Left tub - Skittles & Mr Potato head
Right tub - Toys for my youngest son

Left tub - Misc toys
Right tub - Duplo

Book shelves

Left basket - Dress ups
Right basket - Misc toys


Magnetic Chalkboard

Now don't all think that the playroom is this tidy most of the time. Most days it looks like a bomb has gone off.

How do you organise your kids toys?


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  1. Love the expedit! And, I didn't think it was possible, but you may have even more toys than we do!

  2. Thanks Julie - So do's working much better than the trofast..a few friends and family have commented our house is like a toy shop. That's why now I try to buy outdoor toys if I can.

  3. Just found your blog through Six Sisters' Stuff and I love all your organization. I am actually going to Ikea tonight to get one of the 8 box book shelves you have. One question: did you purchase the baskets at Ikea also? I want to get some of those but I wanted to make sure they will fit if the unit is placed on its side like you did.

    I live with 4 guys so I am definitely going to follow your blog and find some good ways to make our chaos in organization haha. Thanks!

    Meg @

  4. Hi Meg...Yep the baskets are from Ikea. They are called Branas and for memory they are $19.99 each....just make sure you get the ones that come with the white felt for underneath the basket otherwise they will scratch the expedit to bits. If you check out my post called playroom storage revamp that will show the baskets and the clear tubs that I bought from Ikea.

    I love going to Ikea I will check out your blog to see what you have done.

  5. Hi, I was just wondering where you get the wire and clips for the artwork. I love this idea.

  6. The curtain wire is from Ikea it is called Deka it's a complete set of wire, clips and wall fittings.

  7. A super organization job!! Am re-organizing our playroom, and we have the same Ikea units, so this is quite inspiring! :) We also have the curtain wire from Ikea that my husband still needs to put up, and seeing how great yours looks I can't wait to get ours up!

  8. Thanks for your comments Ann...The expedit bookcases are working so well and I love being able to hand the kids artwork....I'm glad my post has inspired you I will check out your blog and hope to see your finished playroom.


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