Saturday, 10 March 2012

Sink Organisation

Every time I was washing something in the sink the sink top caddy kept getting in the way. I decided that I wanted the kitchen sink clearer so I found a plastic soap holder with suction caps and thought that would be great to hold my scourer. My sponge could go back to living on my mixer. The other annoying problem was the all purpose cleaner is constantly being used throughout the day and it was never put back where it belonged. I keep my dish brush, bottle brush & washing detergent in a basket on the window sill. My solution was to find a bigger plastic basket which could fit the all purpose cleaner as well.

Old Sink Caddy

Old Storage Basket for storing dish brush etc

So here is the new sink organisation

This takes up much less space and you can see my sponge is back living on the mixer

This basket looks much nicer and fits my all purpose cleaner

Now doesn't that look better

How do you organise your sink?


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