Monday, 26 March 2012

Organising Our Walk In Robe

I have been reorganising and purging my walk in robe for the past couple of weeks. It has been a mammoth job but well worth it.




I could never use all of the bottom rail as there was no middle support and it sagged really badly. The plastic coat hangers were not that strong you would grab something out and the hanger would snap. I really wanted wooden hangers but I knew they took up more room than the plastic ones .I had purged a huge amount of clothes over the last 12 months but I was determined to make sure that I could use the wooden hangers. I went through all the clothes in my drawers and purged some more clothes to make room for clothes that I wasn't going to hang anymore. I have just managed to fit everything that I wanted to hang. I love the way they look and how the clothes hang on the wooden hangers.





Now if you are wondering what is that hanging on the left of my long hanging clothes. This is where I hang my necklaces I hang them on a belt hanger.

Bag shelves before

My bags always looked messy on these shelves. I just love how you can make things look neater just by storing them in a basket or a container. I sourced some baskets that would use up all the space in the shelves. My bags are now in two baskets the others baskets are empty...So I just gained a extra shelf for storage.

Bag shelves after

My bags in a basket


These shelves are for my husbands jumpers and the 2 baskets above hold scarves, gloves, beanies, hats etc. These baskets were great but they didn't utilise all the space these new do.



This shelf held even more hats, scarves and also a present box. I wanted a bigger basket for the presents as you can see the basket that I was using was way too small.

These baskets are actually empty I put all the other scarves & hats in the
other baskets. Try and get a basket or container that uses all the space.

New present basket with lid. This lives under the long hanging clothes

I went through all my clothes in my drawers and purged almost 2 garbage bags full. I had a huge pile of clothes that I wanted to keep. I had 4 kids in 4 years and I am finally trying to get my body back. I had to be realistic even if I got down to my pre-pregnancy weight I wouldn't fit into most of the clothes as my whole body shape has changed. I had a pile of clothes that I wanted to keep for when I get to my goal weight but where was I going to store them. I have used space bags in the past and they are not flat, seem to come open. But then I found a new solution. I found a space bag that is attached to a box it even has straps just in case it does come open. It's a box so it means you can store things on the top if you wanted.

My goal weight clothes

Clothes ready

Clothes after vacuum

Now that's a space bag...well I guess space box

I had 2 sleeping bags, cushions and a thick blanket that I used to keep on the top shelf in our walk in robe. After the success of the box space bags I thought I would get one that I can store underneath the bed.

Things to go in storage box
Storage Box

Ready to vacuum
After vacuum

Here it is under our bed.
Can you believe it all fitted in there

I didn't need to go through my shoes as I had purged some pairs not long ago. They just needed a tidy up. My youngest son just loves grabbing my shoes and throwing them around our robe. It seems like its a great source of entertainment for him but more work for me.

There you have it....I hope you enjoyed my post.


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  1. That was amazing! Having all the hangers match and the fact that they are wood makes it flow so well. And I really like those space saver boxes. I have tried just the bags too, but with no luck. I will have to give the box/bag a try. Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. Looks fantastic! Wooden hangers make a huge difference

  3. Wow what a great wardrobe, I am loving your blog giving me lots of inspiration to get organising.

  4. Thannks Bec...the wooden hangersdo make it flow...I think the space bag/box are the best let me know how you go..

  5. Thanks Sammy....the wooden hangers do make a huge difference it was worth purging more clothes so I could use them

  6. Thanks Jill....I glad my blog is giving you some inspiration. Good luck with your organising.


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