Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Organising Kids Stuff

We are very lucky to have a spare cupboard that we can use just for kids items like nappies, wipes, bed linen. This cupboard was a real mess. I knew there were lots of items that didn't belong in there that could be relocated or purged. Since I started this reorganising/declutter journey I realised that you think you have no storage but after you declutter/purge you end up with more storage space.

Here is a photo of the cupboard before

For anyone who knows me or has been following my blog you know I have a thing for baskets and containers and labelling them, I had some that were not being used and could be re purposed in this cupboard.

I have recently reorganised our linen cupboard (post to come on this) which has given me room to store the beach towels in the linen cupboard instead of the kids cupboard. My youngest sons room had lots of storage that wasn't being used so I decided to store his cot sheets, blankets etc in his room. It will make it easier when I change his bedding.

Rubbish Pile

Donate Pile

Here is the after photo

It almost looks empty

Top shelf
Wipes, kids (baby) blankets and swimming nappies

2nd Shelf
Nappies and spare creams, hand sanitisers etc

Labelled wipes container

Labelled swimming nappies much easier when you can't really tell which size is which

Labelled Container

I labelled the shelf underneath the basket with their names. This makes it so much easier when each child uses different sizes but if you look at them together you can't really tell the difference. I have a nappy change storage system in our living room which if you look at it you wouldn't know it was one. I will do a post on that soon.

1st Shelf
Bed linen for the older two

2nd Shelf
Kids beach towels. The basket has nothing in it but I am thinking of using for clothes that are getting too small and once it is full I will put thhem in the relevant sized plastic tubs see this post for how I organise the kids clothes. I guess you could call it a kids clothing filing basket.

I will use this space to store spare boxes of nappies

I love when I look inside this cupboard I can see where everything is and all the items have a designated spot.


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  1. Thanks Bec...I know I couldn't believe it myself.

  2. What a great improvement! :) I love how there is a distinct place for everything.

  3. Thanks Heidi..I try to give everything in my home a distinct place..


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