Sunday, 12 February 2012

Reusable Fabric Shopping Bags

Are you like me and just shove the bags in a shelf and just leave them? Well that was me until my husband said can you do something about those bags.

Thinking about the solution my thoughts were they had to keep them contained, allow them to folded so those plastic inserts for the bottom don't get crumpled like all of mine are at the moment. And I need something quite large as they take up alot of space and I have quite a few of those big blue Ikea bags.

So off I went to Store another one of my fav stores. Looked at all the plastic storage but I wanted something long and that had high sides and look nice to detract from the ugly bags. I picked up a gorgeous basket. I'm almost tempted to go back and buy some more they had a whole range of sizes if only I could only work out where I needed them...and the other reason is they are 25% husband doesn't agree with buying things on sale he says "so you have to spend money to save money" and I say "I save money and buy it on sale".

Looks so much nicer

Had enough room to put our wine cooler bags in there as well

Anyone else inspired to organise their reusable bags now?


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  1. Good idea! I have mine hanging up in the mudroom and everyime someone walks by we are knocking them down!! I'll have to get a cute basket and do this :)

  2. Thanks...that must be annoying...I think you will it looks some much better.

  3. I've switched to the thin (but strong) fold up ones. I keep 2 in my handbag for those moments I duck into the shops after work to grab a couple of things but get more, and the pack of 8 from the supermarket live in the glovebox of my car. We have a supermarket just opened right near us, so no more need for those bulky fridge bags.

  4. Great idea glovebox is full I don't think they make them as big as they use too....maybe I could put some in the boot in a nice little container of course...I have one of those little bags that fold up for my bag as alot of shops here now you have to pay for bags if you want one...

  5. Great idea. Mine are all shoved inside one of the bags and get thrown around my trunk. I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for a cute basket.

  6. looks great!! I have to keep my bags in the van or I forget to use them! But after reading this, I'd now like to get some container to keep them in in the van, rather than strewn about all over the place! :)

  7. Thanks Rachel & Al...can you tell I have a thing for baskets?

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