Thursday, 2 February 2012

Playroom Storage Revamp

With three young boys we have so many toys...My oldest 2 now share a room so I could use the other room as a playroom. They all had one of these in their rooms which was great for storing toys. But after birthdays, christmas etc you know how it goes. The older 2 love Thomas so one trofast was full of just Thomas tracks, trains etc. I needed more storage. After lots of googling I decided that these were what we needed.  I wanted some open shelves but also wanted some baskets and some clear containers.

And (these are great as the kids can see whats in there)

So with 3 kids in tow I go to Ikea. At the end of the trip I had my oldest pushing the trolley which had all the baskets and youngest pushing the pram with my youngest son and me pushing the huge trolley with the expedits...gee it was was quite a sight and I was so proud of my boys for helping me and being so well behaved. Thankfully it was all getting home delivered...which brings up a funny conversation that I had with my husband on the way home from Ikea. Husband...where are you? Me......just coming home from Ikea..Husband...So how much stuff is in the back of the car?...Me....Nothing...(then I let him think that for a little while)...then I said thats because its all getting delivered tomorrow...ha ha

Before the delivery I went through all the kids toys and my oldest was great at saying we dont play with this lets give it to kiddies who dont have any toys 2 garbage bags later we were done.

It took me a couple of hours to assemble it all and then a couple more deciding which toys were going where.

Left side of room

Right side of room

Magnetic Chalkboard

Curtain wire from Ikea to display artwork (sorry pic is poor quality)

I find that it is all working great so far...all toys have a home and the older 2 know where they go which means they can help clean up as well.



  1. Fabulous ideas! Thanks for sharing. I'm in the playroom while cleaning other rooms. I really needed some ideas and inspiration :)

  2. Thanks for your comments...I am planning on doing a more detailed post on the playroom shortly...


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