Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Organising the Kids Cupboards Part 1

I wanted to sort through all the kids clothes. I store all the sizes that are not being used in these bags. These bags are stored in each of the boys cupboards. I wasn't happy with how it was working I needed a easier organising solution. The bags were way too heavy and it was a pain to find certain clothes in there as I had to empty the whole bag most times. I decided the best way was to use plastic storage tubs. The reasons not so heavy, can put in or take clothes out easier and it looks nicer.

These are the bags I was using to store the kids clothes

My first task was to go through all the bags and working out what I was keeping and what was going to be donated. Then I went through all the clothes and stuff in his cupboard. Here is my pile of kids clothes to be donated.

My oldest thought this was a great game throwing the clothes around

All bagged up ready to take to the Op Shop

Cupboard before

Bottom of Cupboard before
Pile of clothes in the bottom of the cupboard were meant to be put in the relevant size storage bag but as you can see it never happened.

Shelves before
I went through the shelves and most of the stuff was donated only a few things stayed. The big white box had to stay that has my wedding dress in it. I still can't decide what to do with it.

I then put all the clothes into their size assigned tubs. I made sure that I put all tops etc together so it will make it easier to find if I need to.

See he's impressed

Ah now doesn't that look better
I like to group the kids clothes and mine for that matter. I just find it easier if I am looking for a long sleeved top that they are all together...and I like to group colours together as well. I made more room on the hanging rail by moving his snow gear into a tub and also the purging of clothes as well.

Labelled Clothes Tub
I am really happy with the outcome. I was also thinking of putting a small basket at the bottom of the cupboard to put clothes in that are too small and make a rule that when the basket is full it must be put into the clothes tub. I will be buying another tub for his size 5 clothes as I try and buy clothes a season ahead.

I am going to do another 2 posts on my other sons cupboard very soon.


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