Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Organising my Entry

When I come home my bag, keys, nappy bag, sunglasses, mail, kids hats and anything else gets dumped on the kitchen bench...I wanted a clear bench so I had to come up with a solution to the problem.

So after looking around and thinking about the problem items I decided that the following needed some re organisation:

  • Handbag
  • Nappy Bag
  • Keys
  • Sunglasses
  • Husbands lunchbox
  • Husbands wallet
  • Mail/outgoing mail
  • Calender
  • Kids bags
  • Kids shoes
  • Diary
  • Hats

So I decided that I needed a piece of furniture that had open shelves with at least 3 shelves. I took a trip to Vast Interior which is one of my favourite furniture shops. And found this

The bottom shelf would hold the nappy bag. The 2nd shelf would hold my bag and husbands lunch box. The top shelf would hold sunglasses, mail etc. This is where the mail was going to be opened so I decided to put a paper shredder right next to the shelf. Now when I open the mail if something needs shredding I can do it on the spot. I had a spare basket which would hold the sunglasses and a wooden document holder that would hold mail, diary, stickers for kids reward charts.

My New Dumping Shelves
Holds mail, diary and sunglasses

The next thing I wanted to organise was somewhere for keys, husbands wallet and you know the bits and pieces that need to go back to someone. I have a tall 4 tiered shelf to the left of the above shelf so I moved some trinkets around and cleared a shelf to hold a basket.

Key/Wallet Dumping

And here is the final photo with calender added

The Dumping Zone

My next project was to do something with kids hats and shoes. I use to have all the kids shoes in this basket...it was a nightmare you needed to pull out nearly every shoe to find the pair you were looking for.

Kids Old Shoe Storage

I decided that I wanted storage that looked nice and was kid friendly (meaning the kids could open and get out their own shoes/put away their own shoes.I needed something with baskets to hide the shoes....can you guess what I got? If you have read some of my other blog posts you probably would have guess Ikea.

Branas Basket

Expedit 2 x 2

The plan for this expedit was for each boy to have 1 basket each for their shoes and 1 basket to hold their hats. Remember the basket that was used for the kids shoes...well I found another use for that. This basket now holds the kids backpacks it sits next to the kids shoe storage. I find that it is working really well and the kids now get their own shoes and the older 2 will also put them away. My youngest just likes to pull all of his shoes out. He has a thing for shoes...he also loves pulling out my shoes in our walk in robe.

Kids Shoe/Hat/Bag Storage

I am very new to blogging but I must say I am really enjoying it...I hope that my posts inspire you to get organised.



  1. Good Job.. Simple and realistic..

  2. Thanks for your comments.....I think sometimes simple is best too...

  3. I love this entry idea... I think I might have another thing to pick up at Ikea tonight!


  4. Thanks Meg...It is working really well for the kids at the moment.

  5. Where do you get your extra-large calendar? Love it.

  6. Hi Marion...I bought this calender from Kikki-k here is the link http://www.kikki-k.com/diaries-calendars/13-14-family-calendar-cute :)


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