Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Organising Kids Puzzles

Do you seem to be always missing a piece of a puzzle? The puzzle boxes take up too much room or the box gets wrecked?

I saw my sister in law (Thanks Jac) do this many years ago and I thought what a fantastic idea. I will do that when we have lots of puzzles. She stored the puzzle pieces in zip lock bags.

All of our puzzles are kept in this basket in our expedit book case in the playroom

Puzzles in zip lock bags

Picture of puzzle with the pieces

I cut out the picture from the puzzle box and put that in with the puzzle pieces. Then the kids can look at the picture when they are doing the puzzle.

I hope this idea helps you to organise your kids puzzles.



  1. I do almost the same thing and life is much easier! No more broken boxes!

  2. Thanks Laurel....What do you do with yours?


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