Monday, 27 February 2012

Organising The Kids Cupboards Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 and the final post of reorganising the kids cupboards. Here are the links to the previous posts of organising the kids cupboards if you have not seen them Part 1, Part 2

Here is the floor of the cupboard before.

Cupboard Floor Before

This is a mess. The basket had shoes that he will grow into but as you can see that wasn't the best place to put them he loved to pull them all out. Walkers that he rarely uses anymore. Plastic tub has sippy cups, bottles. The rest is just stuff.

We packed up the walkers and put them in the roof space of the garage.

Cupboard Floor After

The next thing I did was go through the clothes in the cupboard and in the bags (see top shelf). I knew there was lots that were too small and bigger sizes that could go in there.

Clothes Before

Donate Pile including Dirty Clothes Basket. Nappy box full of clothes

Clothes to go to my Sister in Lawfor her baby boy

Too small pile & don't wear pile

Clothes After

The next step was to go through the shelves

Shelves Before

If you are following my blog you will know that this whole kids cupboard reorganisation started because storing the kids clothes in those huge stripey bags (see top shelf) was just not working. So my solution was to store the kids clothes in plastic containers.

This shelf stored cushions, jars, vases and large glasses that I used for for his 1st birthday party I had a huge lolly table...maybe I should do a post on that as well, portacot, empty basket and a bunnykins dinnerware set.

I had a spare smaller plastic tub which I used to put shoes that he will grow into. I also reused the 2 baskets one for socks that he will grow into and the other for spare coat hangers.

Shelves After - Portacot was borrowed by a friend

Labelled Shoe Container

Labelled Baskets

Labelled Clothes Container

Cupboard After

I hope that you enjoyed this post and it inspires you to go through your kids cupboards.



  1. I came to visit from rookietorockstar. Looks like you've just started blogging, is that right? How exciting! I'm just starting on my fridge, thanks for the inspiration! =)

  2. Thanks Becky...Yep only started blogging about 5 weeks ago. I must say I am loving it. I'm glad I have given you inspiration..


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