Monday, 20 February 2012

Organising The Kids Cupboard Part 2

If you have been following my blog you will know I am in the process of going through the kids cupboards. It has turned out to be a huge job but I must say well worth it.

I had already gone through all the older 2 clothes See this post it was about going through the other items in the cupboard. The next cupboard to do was for my middle boy. His cupboard is in the playroom (the oldest 2 share a room so we can have a playroom). The trofast holds all the arts and crafts and can become a dumping ground.

Cupboard before
What a mess!


Labelled Drawers & Shelves

I also labelled the shelves and drawers where his clothes are. I do this so when they are able able to read they know where there clothes are and for my husband so he knows where everything is.

1st shelf - Pants
2nd Shelf - Trackies
3rd Shelf - Shorts

1st Drawer - Socks & Jocks
2nd Drawer - Winter PJ's
3rd Drawer - Summer Pj's
4th Drawer - Boardies & Rashies

That looks much better than the stripey bags!

All clothes grouped together
 tshirts, long sleeved tops, jumpers - makes finding clothes much easier

Everything put away looks much more organised

2 down 1 more to go will post the last one soon.



  1. Where did you get the pull out tub organizing shelves?

    1. The coloured pull out tubs are from IKEA and so is the frame that they sit in. I hope this helps :)


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