Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Laundry Overhaul - Part 1

Here is my laundry that I will be re organising as part of OrgJunkie 29 day Challenege.

I want a clear bench, fix plastic bag storage to wall...and maybe install a shelf on the middle of the splashback

The top shelf is all spares for cleaning products, hand soaps etc
The bottom shelf is stain remover etc and the container holds well lets say its a mix of everything

This is the broom/laundry cupboard it holds my handheld dyson, floor cleaning supplies, coffee machine cleaning supplies, cat food, spare toilet paper. The top shelf holds I dont know yet....I will let you know.

I want to find containers that are long enough to fit the depth of this cupboard. The containers I have dont utilise all the space effectively.

This cupboard holds all the medications, first aid, sunscreen and spares kids panadol & nurofen.
I want to go through the medications throw all the expired ones. Go through the sunscreens (did you know that sunscreen only lasts a year)

My first plan of attack is to go through everything and organize into piles donate/toss/sell/keep/relocate. My next mission will be to containerize. I have taken the measurements which I will take with me to try and find the right containers for these spaces.



  1. Go you! We will get so much done this month!
    Suggestion – if you don’t find the right containers, you could try empty boxes from stores. Some packages come in long narrow cardboard boxes. So there would be no excuse not to continue because you haven’t found the right containers yet…

  2. We will Tina that's for sure....Thanks for the tip I will check it out..

  3. The laundry room is on my list of things to get organized this year, cannot wait to see how yours turns out. Good Luck

  4. Thanks for your comment.... Will be posting some progress pics on Friday

  5. The proper arrangement of laundry room is really very necessary to avoid the mess. You really have arranged your laundry very well.

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