Friday, 17 February 2012

Laundry Overhaul Progress Part 3

I have been participating in OrgJunkies 29 Day Challenge and I have finished the laundry YAY!!

So if you read my first post on the laundry you will remember me saying that I didn't know what was up on the top shelf of the broom cupboard. Well here's what was there.

As you know I went through all the medicines and suncreems and look at how many medicines had to be thrown out.

Expired Medicines



Labelled Container & Hand Towels for laundry

Remember the Broom cupboard



Go vertical with storage

Top shelf - Spare toilet paper, Screwdriver set

2nd Shelf - Coffee Cleaning container and guess what nothing is behind it

3rd Shelf - Handheld Dyson & Plastic bag holder.
Didn't have to hang the bag holder as I had lots of room
after purging and relocating

4th Shelf - Cat food, iron & kids seat for toilet

5th Shelf - Soaking buckets

New Soap and Sanitiser Dispenser

Labelled Dispensers
Hand Towel why didn't I think of hanging it here before




Thanks to Laura for organising the challenge and thank you to everyone who participated in the 29 day challenge.


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  1. Nice work! It must feel so much easier to work in your laundry room without all the clutter. I need to add my laundry room to my list!

  2. It is Heather..Good luck with your laundry

  3. Love your laundry, Love the soap dispensers

  4. Thanks Joan...I love them too...

  5. great job! i love the towel hook idea too!!! so smart!

  6. Great job! I'm actually in the midst of an organization smack down series over at my blog, so this is encouraging and an inspiration!

    BTW I'm stopping by from A Bowl Full of Lemons and am your newest follower. If you have time I'd love for you to stop over at Adventures of Our Fami-Ly and take a look at my blog.

    Have a great weekend,

  7. Thanks Sam....I still can't believe I didn't think of it earlier.

  8. Thank you Sarah...I'm glad that you are inspired and encouraged from my blog...I must say I am a bit overwhelmed by the comments and views on my blog I didn't expect it at all. I know I get inspiration from looking at other peoples blogs. I will check out your blog for sure.


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