Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Kitchen Cupboards & Drawers - Part 1

Seeing as I am om a roll with Org Junkies 29 day challenge...I have decided to tackle the kitchen cupboards after looking in some of them I thought to myself how many platters, salad bowls etc do I need. Warning there is lots of photos of inside my cupboards and drawers that I want to re organise.

Plastics Drawer

Just stuff look at all the space not being used

Again waste of space see...those lollies have been on there for over 6 months time for them to go

This one is just messy

I hate all the stuff up on the top shelf it looks so messy

Tupperware Drawer

This corner cupboard pulls out it has cake tins, bowls and stuff

Corner cupboard mixture of bowls, everyday medicine and just stuff

Cookbooks (need to go through them) and again stuff

Pantry need to go through and check expiry dates


  1. Good Luck, I look forward to the follow up pictures. I also thought to myself in your second picture "Wow, look at all the empty space", LOL. I really like the idea of an appliance cabinet I may keep that idea in mind when we finally get around to our kitchen remodel.

  2. Thanks for your comment Sandi....That cupboard is now full...you will have to wait until Friday when we can link our progress posts. I do love the appliance cupboard...it frees up space on the bench and if I don't want to look at it I can close the doors. How exciting renovating your kitchen....I love my new kitchen

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