Friday, 24 February 2012

Kitchen Cupboards & Drawers Finished

I have been particpating in OrgJunkies 29 Day Challenge and I have finally finished the kitchen. Whenever I open a drawer or a cupboard now I must say I am quite chuffed with how everything is looking.

Utensil Drawer Before

Utensil Drawer After

The cutlery drawer was next. The only items purged were baby spoons and scissors.

Cutlery Drawer before

That's disgusting..You put clean cutlery in there so how does this happen?

Cutlery Drawer After

It's been a long time since I have gone through the cupboard under the sink and I knew there would be cleaning chemicals in there I haven't used or do not need for that matter.

Under The Sink Before

Purged Cleaning Products
Did you know Cloudy Ammonia has a expiry date? I didn't

Expired Cloudy Ammonia that's nearly 8 years past the expiry

Seriously how many carpet cleaners do I need! Obviously lots

Relocate Pile for bathroom vanity

I am planning on going through our bathroom vanity soon. My plan is to move the cleaning products into the bathroom vanity. It will save me time and when the kids are in the bath I have the cleaning products there so I can clean the bathroom while they are having a bath.

I think I have a thing for plug in air fresheners

I have purged all of them expect 4.

My sponge/scourer etc container before

Ahh much better

I love Labelled Containers

Love having my everyday cleaning items in this container with a handle.
 It keeps them all together and neat

Under the sink after

Dinnerware drawer - Too Crowded

I can now have my dinnerware over 2 drawers. I have also been able put all my saucepans in 1 drawer.

All my saucepans are now in the 1 drawer instead of 2. I had a spare container from
my laundry overhaul which I have used to hold the saucepan lids.

Thanks to Laura for organising the challenge and thank you to everyone who participated in the 29 day challenge.


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  1. I just love those clear organizers to hold your utensils! I need to invest in some of those big time!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! Your ammonia was 8 years out of date! I'm sure you feel great knowing that you've gotten everything organized. It looks great!

  3. great job on purging old items and organizing your drawers. Everything looks great

  4. Wow. Very nice. Love how you've managed to find space.

  5. Great job. What did you do with the cleaners you don't use? I'd just make a plan to use them up, personally. Or store them and rotate them in as they get used up. I'm in the kitchen this week too so thanks for the motivation!

  6. More than a mum....I threw most of them out...I would never have used those carpet cleaners, most of the cleaners just had a tiny bit left and some I just didn't use anymore. I'm glad I have given you the motivation...

  7. Thank you Alana...I love it too.

  8. Thanks Mommy...I love the dividers it just makes it easier to find what you are looking for..

  9. Motivated Mommy....It feels so great after you purge doesn't it...

  10. Thanks Michelle...I know...I can't even remember why I bought it in the first place...

  11. It looks so great! I bet you love how organized the under sink is. I need to do that to mine now.

  12. Thanks Andi I do...I think the organising/declutter bug is addictive

  13. “Did you know Cloudy Ammonia has a expiry date? I didn't”
    I just recently knew this when me and my neighbor had a chat one Sunday afternoon. Where did you buy that labelled container? Need some of those for organizing our cleaning supplies. I usually use the natural cleaning products for cleaning the carpets, kitchen, and counter tops.

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