Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Fridge & Freezer Organisation

Here is the link for my new updated organised freezer.

The fridge & freezer had no organisation and looked like a mess most of the time. As many of you know I love containers and baskets. I measured the fridge and freezer shelves (this is a must nothing more annoying coming home and the containers or baskets you bought won't fit the space. I went to another one of my fav shops Howards Storage World. I bought baskets with handles for the fridge and tall narrow containers for the freezer.



1st Shelf

The first basket holds margarine, cream and the second basket holds all the kids yoghurt.

2nd Shelf

This shelf holds water, beetroot, kids water bottles, left overs and anything else. This water container holds 5.5 litres the little jug we had just didn't last with filling 3 kids water bottles I was filling it up constantly this is a god send. I haven't taken a photo but just underneath there is a pull out drawer where I keep sandwich meats and cheese.

3rd Shelf

When we buy watermelon and cantelope we find it much easier to cut it all up and store in these tupperware containers. They keep for longer and it actually gets eaten. The other basket holds our yoghurt and there are some spare eggs.

4th Shelf

This shelf holds kids primas (juice) and more cut up fruit and veg.

Fridge Door

Top shelf - Eggs
2nd Shelf - Condiments e.g. garlic, mustard
3rd Shelf - Sauces and milk container for coffee machine
4th Shelf - Milk and Juice
5th Shelf - Sorry you can't see it but at the moment it is empty but we get milk delivered tomorrow so that will be full of milk tomorrow. We go through 14 litres of milk a week...I know its a lot of milk I still can't believe it myself.


Here is the freezer I used containers that I bought from Howards Storage World and containers I had bought from Ikea awhile ago.


1st Shelf

All boxed frozen goods

2nd Shelf

These containers hold chips, nuggets and potato gems.

3rd Shelf

The container holds grated tasty cheese, grated mozzorella, parmesan cheese and ice cream.

4th Shelf

This container holds all the frozen vegetables and on the side of the container is puff pastry. Great tip for sealing the bags once they are open is these.

Freezer Door

Top shelf - Fozen Herb & Spice pastes, ice packs for kids lunch boxes
2nd Shelf -  Muffins, crumpets and bacon
3rd Shelf - Kids Icy poles and gelati icecream
4th Shelf - Bread and chicken tenders for the kids
5th Sheld - Lasagne Sheets

How do you organise your fridge and freezer?


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  1. I just got some baskets like that for our freezer. They are such a huge help keeping everything contained! (visiting via Delightful Order)

  2. Hydrangeas & Harmony - They sure are I am so glad I bought them

  3. The baskets with the handles on them. Where do you get them from? These would be great for my kids to grab out their own basket of food instead of spilling other stuff all over the floor.

  4. Hi Joanne...I don't know where you are from. I got them from Howards Storage World which is located in Australia. This is their website address www.hsw.com.au

  5. Fridges and freezers are not always used as well as they could be. We sometimes just put things in as we buy them and so, it's harder to use up older purchases before the new stuff. I think that utilizing containers makes it easier to find whatever you need and also keep flavors from mixing and interfering with each other.

  6. I used to have those big, transparent containers. I need to get new ones.


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