Saturday, 4 February 2012

29 Day Organising Challenge - The Cord/Camera Drawer

My name is Jade and this is my very first blog post...I started this blog so I can particpate in OrgJunkies Organising Challenge...I know it is meant to be a room but I am starting off slow...I have three kids under 5 and I am always looking for ways to organise our home better.... I have learnt that everything needs a home. I get so much inspiration from Lauras blog....I have organised so much already in our home but have never taken before photos...I will do another post of all my other organising accomplishments but they just won't have before photos....

I decided to tackle my drawer that is full of cameras, computer cords, camera chargers, tv cables and cameras.

Here is the before pic

So I took everything out and worked out what cords we still needed and which ones could be thrown out. I wanted to make the cords look neat and tidy so I wrapped each one up with a rubber band around it. I had a spare container I was not using and decided this would be great to store all the cords. I also hated that I was always rummaging through to find our camera chargers. So I had a empty Ferreo Rocher box that would be just the right size. I put all our camera chargers in that box which makes them so much easier to find. There was also room in between the containers to put the cameras so they are all in within easy access.

Here is the after pic

Look forward to sharing the organising journey with you.



  1. the correct spelling for organize is with a "z" - not "s".

  2. Thanks for your comment. I live in Australia and according to the Macquarie Australian Dictionary the correct spelling in Australia is with a "s".

  3. If you want great pictures, you need to match the camera to the type of photographs you want to take. Why digital is better than film for most of us, and how to select the right camera at the lowest cost. Avoid paying for something you don't need, while insuring you have what you do need.

  4. Great ideas Thankyou. I agree with 'organise' as well.


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